Exploring Concrete Pathway Design

Exploring Concrete Pathway Design

2 Ways To Accentuate The Front Of Your Home

by Vivan Carroll

To increase the visual appeal of the front of your home, you should consider your design options. It is best to start by looking into a few ideas, so you can pick a design or color scheme that best accentuates the front of your home.

Acid Stained Concrete

Enhancing your driveway is a great way to highlight this portion of your home. Many homes already have concrete driveways that you can alter by using an acid-base stain. This type of stain reacts to the minerals within the existing concrete to create a unique color scheme.

For example, a thin layer of stain creates an effect that looks similar to granite or marble. The acid reacts differently to each mineral within the concrete, which is why you get a wavy pattern. For a more solid color, you would need to apply a thicker coat of stain to the surface.

Depending on the company that is applying the stain (such as Fleshcon / Clearview Concrete), you will have different color options. However, shades of red, blue, green and yellow are the most common ones you will find.

Staining your concrete driveway is also a good alternative when you do not want to remove the existing materials. With this method, you achieve a look similar to natural stone, which helps increase the visual appeal of your driveway without having to remove and replace your entire driveway.

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Another great item is decorative outdoor lighting. You can find several options that are suitable for replacing your outdated lights around your garage and front door.

Some of the more impressive lighting options are made from intricate wrought iron. The iron is shaped into curves on the bottom, top or sides, which adds a unique look to any light.

However, you can find ones made from other metals such as steel, copper or aluminum. Many of these lights come with shapes cut out of metal sheets, which are then welded together to make the frame. Any of these lighting options work well for increasing the attractiveness of your home.

Enhancing the front of your home is easy to accomplish if you have a plan. Looking through the different materials and color options will help you narrow down your choices. Even though staining the driveway or replacing the lights will take some work to complete, it is worth the extra effort when you want to improve the look of your home's exterior.


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Exploring Concrete Pathway Design

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