Exploring Concrete Pathway Design

Exploring Concrete Pathway Design

Want A New Patio? 3 Reasons To Choose Concrete Over Pavers

by Vivan Carroll

If you enjoy spending time outside and entertaining at your home, you may be thinking about completing some landscaping tasks to improve the function and looks of your backyard. One idea you might be tossing around is installing a patio. Having a large patio is a necessity for outdoor entertaining, but which type should you choose? Two common options are concrete patios or patios made of paving stones, and here are three reasons a concrete patio might be a better choice for you.

Concrete is maintenance free

Concrete is a durable material used for driveways, sidewalks and parking lots, and it is often used simply because it never really needs maintenance. When concrete is installed properly, it will hold up for many years, whereas pavers can crack, sink or loosen.

Pavers can look nice for a patio, but they are not solid. In other words, there are small gaps between each of the paving stones. These small gaps will allow weeds to come through, which means you will need to constantly spray weed killer on your patio to keep the weeds away.

The options are endless

While home improvement stores sell a variety of paving stones for patios, most look very similar. It is hard to create a unique look with pavers because of this, but concrete is very different.

When plain concrete is used for a sidewalk or patio, it is smooth and grey in colour; however, you do not have to choose plain concrete. You can talk to your landscaping contractor about these options:

  • Tint – Concrete tint is a dye placed in concrete to give it colour. You can choose from an assortment of different colours, including red, brown and orange, and this is a great way to make your new patio stand out.
  • Decorative concrete – Decorative concrete is another option, and this option allows you to transform concrete in a way that makes it look like other materials. For example, you can choose decorative concrete that looks like marble, slate or brick. You can also add swirls and other designs in it.

It may be cheaper

If you are worried about costs, you might be happy to know that getting a concrete patio might be a lot cheaper than a patio made of pavers. A 200-square-foot concrete deck may cost around $740 to $840, while the same deck made of pavers may cost more than $2,850. Adding tint or decorative concrete might make your costs go up slightly, but a concrete patio would still be less expensive than one built of pavers.

Installing a new patio can transform the look of your backyard. For companies like J & J Precast Ltd patios and landscaping options are both areas of expertise, meaning you can transform your entire yard.


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Exploring Concrete Pathway Design

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